Corrosion Resistant Entry and Exit Doors

When it comes to entry and exit doors that are subjected to high usage and abuse, we at Eliason strongly believe that lighter is better. Heavy, rigid doors place increased stress on hardware and framing, increasing the likelihood of eventual entrance failure.

In contrast to the Heavier is Better philosophy, we make Eliason Doors as light as possible. We give them a high degree of strength and flexibility that allows them to absorb the forces involved and to prevent structural degradation over time. Less door mass not only means reduced wear and tear on hardware and framing for longer life, but also reduced opening effort, as well. But don’t confuse lightweight with light-duty. All Eliason Doors are heavy-duty doors, and should only be compared to other heavy-duty doors.



AMP-18 AMP-19  FRP-20 




 AFP-14  AFP-15